It is humbling to think about this instrument, with its more than 12,000 parts, millions of players, and a history spanning centuries — that it ought to have only a single caretaker. Rarely will this person only tune pianos, they are responsible for a vast array of crucial jobs to keep the instrument in top form. Piano technology is a lifelong, top-to-bottom art and there is no half-hearting it. It must be said then that those who choose this path, the piano technicians, truly love what they do.

For the technicians, our work means understanding how much a piano alters the space it inhabits. It often holds singular sentimental value for the owner, an heirloom with a legacy and a future. There can be many people playing it privately and publicly from day to day so it is both a very individual instrument and yet communal. A piano is the piece of furniture an owner regards with the utmost respect. So too should its caretaker.

For players, their piano must be kept in top condition in its home, whether that be in a school, studio, concert venue, or simply the living room. Though it may not be moving anywhere, its inner workings will shift due to humidity, usage, and age. It is a rather organic machine, evident by its distinct sound, and it must be looked after. Respecting this fact leads to a strong connection between technician and instrument and, by extension, technician and owner.

As a piano technician, it is an honour and a privilege to play this instrumental role.