Moments To Die for the Yacht Club

Few Moments for electronics


What Carols? for the Yacht Club

InTimbreMellow for the Yacht Club

Bus Pieces for improvisation ensemble or soloist

Runners Of The Woods for percussion ensemble

Steps In the Dark for string trio

The Interloper & The Night Watch for 5Play String Quintet

Edges for orchestra

Patient #55 for synthesizer trio

Furthest Reaches for two french horns and synthesizers

Solonely for solo multi-keyboardist

Get Off The Page for improvisation ensemble or soloist



West Side Theory for synthesizer duo

Twentieth-Century Cuts for piano and turntable

Echoes In the Record Player for plundered recordings and turntable

Lazarus for string quartet

Lazarus for orchestra

Big Layer, small layer for solo tuba

Patient #54 for synthesizer trio

Selection for a video game

Puzzles in Different Rooms for a video game



Providence for two out of phase chamber orchestras

Fugue No.1 in C minor for various quartets