James Dowbiggin (b. 1993 – Ottawa, Ontario) is a Canadian composer, keyboardist, and piano tuner-technician. Having studied music since age five, Dowbiggin continuously reaches further in his musical endeavours by delving into sounds from all eras and cultures.  By intriguing and inspiring the ear, Dowbiggin aims for exacting quality to suit the project at hand.

In 2017, Dowbiggin received his Honours Bachelor of Music degree from Wilfrid Laurier University in Composition and Keyboard Improvisation. During his time at Laurier, Dowbiggin developed his artistic voice within a community of internationally diverse artists. Cultivating his sonic dialect in Western classical and contemporary music, jazz, and all forms of popular music, an ever-broadening spectrum of experience guides his hand.

Dowbiggin has been involved musically in the Atlantic Music Festival, the International Society for Improvised Music, NUMUS, the Open Ears Festival, the Burlington Sound Of Music Festival, the Kultrun World Music Festival, the Waterloo Region Contemporary Music Sessions, and the Kitchener-Waterloo Kiwanis festival. He is also a founder of the Seagram Synth Ensemble, the Yacht Club, and is building a career as piano tuner-technician.